Episode 78 – Special Announcement

4/2/14 UPDATE – April Fools!  Yes this episode was just an April Fools prank.  There is NO MouseChat Podcast Network.  There IS MiceChat Podcast Network.  But we are not joining them either.  I hope you enjoyed!


The DisGeek Podcast has a special Announcement. As long as we are here we also have a few news stores of events that happened at the Disneyland Resort this last weekend. [Read more...]

“Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas” Merchandise Event, June 13-14, 2014

I’m not a fan of these spend money to get in and spend more money type events.  Still, Nightmare Before Christmas is always fun and they always have good stuff and on June 13 and 14 you can drop your hard earned cash for first dibs.  But the $90 price tag is more of a nightmare to me!  In any event here are some of the details according to the Disney Parks Blog: [Read more...]

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is Back!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is set to reopen March 17 with an upgraded track, restoration Rainbow Ridge Mining Town, new paint on portions of the mountain and updates to the train vehicles. As well as an explosive new finale. [Read more...]

Episode 76 – The Five Senses of Frontierland, Travoltafied

It’s systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic … Why it’s the the 5 senses of Disneyland! Join the DisGeek crew as we travel to the old west and talk about Frontierland and why we love this part of the park. Plus we visit the Main Street Newsstand and have our Tip of the Week. [Read more...]

“Masters of the Kingdom” iOS App Kickstarter Launches

Opador Play, LLC recently filed a technology patent to “gamify” an event, opening the door to incredible new, real-world gameplay using a smartphone and will be implemented in Opador Play’s first game, Masters of the Kingdom, played at Disneyland Park. A Kickstarter campaign to raise development funds for the game launches today. [Read more...]

Episode 74 – It’s Kind of a Cute Interview

Jeff Heimbuch joins us and talks about, “It’s Kind of a Cute Story” with Rolly Crump and Communicore Weekly: The Musical. We also visit the Main Street Newsstand and Tommy has his Tip of the Week. [Read more...]

Top Inexpensive Dining Choices at The Disneyland Resort

Dining at the Disneyland Resort is part of the fun! But when you have a large family it could get quite expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive dining choices at the resort. Think beyond hot dogs and hamburgers. Here are some interesting picks for inexpensive dining ($11 or less) at the Disneyland Resort: [Read more...]

“Masters of the Kingdom” iOS App Kickstarter to Launch in February


I recently caught wind of a new type of iOS app that turns Disneyland into a game–a collection of “Quests” you play inside the park, challenging the player’s knowledge and skill navigating Disneyland. Some are story-driven, like a real world RPG. But all of them guide the player through the park’s attractions, shows, eateries, history and secrets as part of their challenge and story plot.

View the teaser:


It all sounds really interesting! Their Kickstarter launches February 17, 2014

Here is the Full Press Release:



January 20, 2014, South Jordan, Utah–Opador Play, LLC announces the official date of their kickstarter campaign for “Masters of the Kingdom”, an active iOS app experience that “gamifies” one of the most popular and magical destinations in the world: Disneyland. The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to launch February 17, 2014.

“With Masters of the Kingdom, you don’t simply visit Disneyland, you play it,” said Danny Lasko, “Masters of the Kingdom” co-creator. “Masters of the Kingdom is a collection of quests you play inside the park, some challenge the player’s knowledge and skill navigating Disneyland, others are story-driven. But all of them guide the player through the park’s attractions, shows, eateries, history and secrets as part of their challenge and story plot.”

Further details and examples of gameplay will be revealed prior to the kickstarter campaign launch at mastersofthekingdom.com.

“Kickstarter is our first choice in raising funds for development of the game,” said Lasko. “The combination of direct-fan interaction plus the opportunity to get that same passionate fan base involved with the production of the game offers so many more benefits than traditional forms of fundraising.”

Masters of the Kingdom is designed to reduce or eliminate what Lasko calls, “the Challenge of Disneyland” while elevating the Disneyland experience. These challenges limit visitors to, according to some reports, an average of nine attractions a day at Disney parks. Masters of the Kingdom helps guide and motivate players to experience more of Disneyland, increase the value of their admission price, and also discover park offerings and knowledge that are often overlooked or aren’t universally known.

And for more experienced visitors, like Annual Passholders and Disneyland Passionates, Masters of the Kingdom offers a whole new way to experience Disneyland by challenging themselves or others in competition.

“APs and Disneyland passionates know the park backwards and forwards, defining their own best ways to experience Disneyland,” added Lasko. “They know the history and details. They take advantage of FastPass and seasonal shifts in park attendance. Now, their time has come to show what they can do. Masters of the Kingdom will prove just how well they can ‘play the park,’ whether to themselves or to the world.”

Examples of quests include:

  • “Mountaineering,” challenging players to ride the entire mountain range within 1 hour and in order of their openings.
  • “Bane’s Regret”, a “Fable Quest” where Captain Hook requests an audience and sends players on journey to make right a long ago wrong.
  • “The Great Train Robbery” – a combination of thrill and nostalgia that focuses on the great history and adventure of the Disneyland Railroad.


Opador Play and Masters of the Kingdom are in no way affiliated with Disneyland or the Walt Disney Company, but are led by two passionate Disneyland fans in Dr. Tom Lasko, PhD (Computer Science), and author and storyteller, Danny Lasko. The two brothers have a passion for utilizing emerging technologies in real-world gaming. Their first project, “Masters of the Kingdom,” will launch a Kickstarter Campaign February 17, 2014.
For more information including video teasers and bios on Tom Lasko and Danny Lasko, visit www.mastersofthekingdom.com

Danny Lasko
[email protected]

Disneyland Resort Offers Two or Three Days Discounted tickets for So Cal Residents

So Cal residents may purchase a 2-day ticket with their choice of one park per day for just $129, a 2-day Park Hopper ticket for just $164, a 3-day ticket with their choice of one park per day for just $159, or a 3-day Park Hopper for just $194. [Read more...]

Episode 71 – Winter Dreams

In this episode the DisGeek crew reviews World of Color – Winter Dreams, Viva Navadad, and Jingle Cruise.  We also discuss the film, Frozen.  Plus we have our Tip of the Week.

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