Episode 79 – Submarine Voyage, Keep it, Improve it, or Ditch it

In this episode we play Keep it, Improve it, or Ditch it (K.I.D.) with the Submarine Voyage. We also talk about Steakhouse 55 and it’s new chef from Club 33. Plus Jae rescues Tommy and provides a Tip of the Week.

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Episode 78 – Special Announcement

4/2/14 UPDATE – April Fools!  Yes this episode was just an April Fools prank.  There is NO MouseChat Podcast Network.  There IS MiceChat Podcast Network.  But we are not joining them either.  I hope you enjoyed!


The DisGeek Podcast has a special Announcement. As long as we are here we also have a few news stores of events that happened at the Disneyland Resort this last weekend. [Read more...]

Episode 75 – Love Is in the Air

In this episode The DisGeek Crew discuss our favorite romantic spots in the Disneyland Resort and listeners weigh in as well. We also visit the Main Street Newsstand and we have a Tip of the Week.

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Episode 74 – It’s Kind of a Cute Interview

Jeff Heimbuch joins us and talks about, “It’s Kind of a Cute Story” with Rolly Crump and Communicore Weekly: The Musical. We also visit the Main Street Newsstand and Tommy has his Tip of the Week. [Read more...]

Celebrate the Year of the Horse at Disney California Adventure

Lunar New YearTake part in “Happy Lunar New Year Celebration” at Disney California on Jan 31st – Feb 2 welcoming the Year of the Horse. With with colorful live performances, full-filled activities, beautiful décor, Disney characters in Lunar New Year costume, special food and merchandise offerings and, of course, a horse visitors are sure to have a fantastic time. [Read more...]

Top Inexpensive Dining Choices at The Disneyland Resort

Dining at the Disneyland Resort is part of the fun! But when you have a large family it could get quite expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive dining choices at the resort. Think beyond hot dogs and hamburgers. Here are some interesting picks for inexpensive dining ($11 or less) at the Disneyland Resort: [Read more...]

Episode 73 – Prediction Show for 2014

It’s time for our annual prediction show! The DisGeek crew, listeners, and fellow Disney Podcasters make predictions for the Disneyland Resort in 2014. We also visit the Main Street Newsstand and Chris has a Tip of the Week. [Read more...]

Disneyland Resort Offers Two or Three Days Discounted tickets for So Cal Residents

So Cal residents may purchase a 2-day ticket with their choice of one park per day for just $129, a 2-day Park Hopper ticket for just $164, a 3-day ticket with their choice of one park per day for just $159, or a 3-day Park Hopper for just $194. [Read more...]

Episode 72 – 2013 Prediction Results

The DisGeek crew has the results of the 2013 predictions made back in January for the Disneyland Resort. Who was right and who was wrong? We also have an interview with Tommy’s cousin BJ, who worked at Disneyland as a mermaid. [Read more...]

Episode 71 – Winter Dreams

In this episode the DisGeek crew reviews World of Color – Winter Dreams, Viva Navadad, and Jingle Cruise.  We also discuss the film, Frozen.  Plus we have our Tip of the Week.

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