Episode 18 – Enough Naboo!!

We’ve got an official DisGeek Trip Report.  Goofy s Sky School, Paradise Pier, 4th of July fireworks, and more.  Plus Tip of the week and a visit to the Main Street Newsstand. Click More for full show notes.

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Episode 16 – I Demand Jasmine!

Summer Season at the Disneyland Resort has officially begun with the Soundsational Summer promotion.  Of course this means the opening of Star Tours: The Adventure Continues, The Little Mermaid: Arial's Undersea Adventure, Goofy’s Sky School, and Mickey’s Soundsational parade.  While Goofy’s is not quite ready for prime time yet, everything else is and we have seen it all.  So keep on listening and hear what we think of these new attractions.  Click More for full show notes


Disneyland’s Wally Boag Dies at Age 90

Disneyland’s Betty Taylor at Age 91

Special Discounts for Southerns California Residents at Disneyland this Summer

New Updates Make Disneyland Hotel Better than Ever

E3 Microsoft Press Conference they announced “Disneyland Adventures” for Kinect

Mission Tortilla is Officially Closed.  Rumour has it that Ghirardelli’s (The Chocolate Company) will replace it. 

And of Course Star Tours, Little Mermaid, and Mickey Soundsational Parade now officially open.

Star Tours

On opening morning, the queue for the attraction stretched from the entrance of Tomorrowland, filled the central plaza and stretched down Main Street, U.S.A. Following the attraction's opening around noon, the line moved off Main Street, but still ranged between two to four hours throughout the day.

Little Mermaid

Also on Thursday, Disney officially opened the new Little Mermaid attraction in California Adventure. The event included a live performance by the voice of Ariel herself, Jodi Benson along with Sherie Rene Scott who portrays Ursula in Broadway's "The Little Mermaid" show. Also in attendance was the original voice of Ursula, actress Pat Carroll.

Following Thursday's grand opening, the rush to experience the new attraction was felt Friday morning as eager guests filled a massive extended queue that wound its way throughout Paradise Park, along Grizzly Trail and into the park's entryway, Sunshine Plaza.


Soundsational Summer is officially underway with Star Tours, Little Mermaid, and Mickey’s Soundsational parade now open.  We’ve seen it all and we will share our thoughts.

Paul Rode Star Tours again and Daniel got to ride 4 times.  Does the whole Multiple Destinations hold up?

Daniel and Paul's review of Little Mermaid – Arials Undersea Adventure.

Daniel and Pail’s review of Mickey Soundsational Parade.

Tip of the week with TommyPix. 

Places at the DL Resort to cool off


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Episode 15 – LIGHTSPEED!

Daniel and Paul talk Star Tours baby!  Plus latest stuff going on at the resort and parking tips from TommyPix.  Just don't ask Paul to take your photo. You've been warned.  Click More for full show notes.

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Star Tours Annual Pass Holder Event Report

I’m not gonna rehash what all the other bloggers have already written, so if you want that in-depth, spoiler thing, go to them. I’m just going to do my best to recall my first experience on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue and I won’t go into TOO much detail because I’m not trying to wreck it for people.

New Star Trader Photo Report 5-15-11

Yesterday was just another trip to the park for me. I don't keep very good track of the events, but it just so happened that when I was there, Disneyland was giving Cast Members a preview of the new Star Tours. Yeah… I tried to creep up close to the door and sneak a couple of shots inside, but I was very efficiently intercepted by like pretty much every cast member there. Those guys stick together like, I don't know, Hell's Angels or something. Anyway, this is all I got of that:


While that was going on, I had a chance to check out the newly redesigned Star Trader store, and was pretty impressed with the changes. The theme is pretty much all "Star Wars". Instead of the goofy sci-fiishkiddie kind of music that they used to play in there, now the soundtracks of the "Star Wars" films play over the speakers.

If you're a Star Wars fan, feast your eyes:

[nggallery id=10]

Some pretty cool stuff. The t-shirts that are faded and all cool like are upwards of $30 a piece, and they are in serious need of more XL sizes (assuming that they hadn't sold out of them all by the time I got there). I mean it's fricking Disneyland, who are they kidding with their Mediums and Smalls? They had a cool shirt that I would have bought except their biggest size was Large, and I'm like "WTF?"

I can't be sure, but it's also looking more and  more as if the Starcade is being derezzed in favor of merchandising. And why not, says I? If someone wants to play video games at DLR they can whip out their iPhone (or other handheld device).

That Starcade still has an entire upper-level that has been closed off since… I can't remember that far back! We should speculate as to what they can do with that empty space: another place to eat perhaps? Or just make that gift shop even bigger? Who knows? 

So it's mostly Star Trader stuff taking up room. There is perhaps one row of coin-op video games that I saw against the wall…that nobody was playing.

I'd have gotten pictures to show of that, but to be honest, I just didn't. I was too busy trying to decide what I was going to buy. ~Paul J. Hale

Episode 13 – Hurry Baaaack..

In this episode it's Us vs. Them Haunted Mansion style! We also visit the Main Street News Stand and as always our Tip of the Week.  Click MORE for full show notes.

Destinations Officially Announced for Star Tours: The Adventures Continue


From Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald on the Disney Parks Blog:

It won’t be long now before Star Tours re-launches and “The Adventures Continue” at both Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California! But where in the galaxy are we going?

We know a lot of you have been wondering and asking, and today we are happy to reveal the final destinations you can expect to visit when Star Tours resumes service. You already know we’re going to Tatooine for the Boonta Eve Podrace and to Coruscant.

Additional destinations include a visit to the beautiful planet of Naboo, a rare tour of the Wookiee planet of Kashyyyk, and a trip to the icy planet Hoth (seen above in a still image fromStar Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back).

Of course, no Star Tours adventure would be complete without an unexpected visit to the Death Star, this time above the planet Geonosis.

In addition, we’ll be departing from a spectacular new Spaceport, created just for the new Star Tours voyages.

As revealed earlier, these destinations will be combined in more than 50 different story adventures, so you’ll never know where the Force will take you!

It appears that our speculation was correct with the exception of Bespin which was not mentioned above, but may still be in the attraction. Regardless, the possibility of “50 different story adventures” sounds like we’ll be riding this attraction a lot once it opens on May 20th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Who knows, maybe we’ll be blasting off before then…

Episode 10 – Pillows of Yum

In this episode, everything is Food Food Food! Daniel and Paul also visit the Main Street News Stand and go over the latest news, and as always, a very explosive tip of the week. Click MORE to see full show notes.
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Opening Dates for Ariel, Star Tours, and Soundsational!

From Disney Parks Blog:

As days get longer and the weather gets warmer (well, hopefully!), we are very excited about summer 2011 at the Disneyland Resort. And today I’m thrilled to share the grand opening dates for three new experiences headed your way. Grand opening June 3: At Disney California Adventure park, get ready for an all-new voyage with one of Disney’s most beloved characters, Ariel. The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure will invite guests to take a journey under the sea to experience all the fun and adventures in Ariel’s world. From the great songs to state-of-the-art animatronics and special effects, guests will become a part of her world in a way that’s never happened before. The Little Mermaid attraction is the next big milestone in the expansion of Disney California Adventure park. “World of Color” debuted last year and continues to wow guests every night with magic that combines choreographed fountains, lights, lasers, music, animation and Disney storytelling. And on the horizon, guests can see the awesome Cadillac Mountain range taking shape as the backdrop to the 12-acre Cars Land, which opens in 2012. Here’s a first look at the vision Walt Disney Imagineers have for Ursula, who will play a big role in The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure.

Across the esplanade at Disneyland park, guests this summer will be dancing to the beat of a whole new parade and jetting off to new galaxies far, far away. May 27 Premiere: “Mickey’s Soundsational Parade” officially steps off for Memorial Day weekend, with an explosive musical score, thrilling rhythms and bold percussion that will have people dancing to many of their favorite Disney tunes. Look for whimsical float units, live musicians and some of your favorite characters. Mickey Mouse and his pals will be jamming like never before and creating an atmosphere that will be…soundsational! Here’s a peek at the preparations:


Grand opening June 3: And for those who dare to venture into the deep, dark corners of the universe, Star Tours – The Adventures Continue officially launches in Tomorrowland at Disneyland park, taking guests on interstellar adventures to Coruscant, Tatooine, and other destinations in the “Star Wars” galaxy. With the return of favorite Star Wars characters and the addition of more familiar faces and destinations, guests are going to experience Starspeeder travel in an all-new way…in 3D! You may remember, Star Tours – The Adventures Continue also launches at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort on May 20. May the Force be with you!


The ‘Stars’ of Star Tours

From the Disney Parks Blog:

One of our goals for the new Star Tours show was to pack as much Star Wars into the attraction as possible. That meant traveling to different planets, and meeting up with classic characters from the saga.

Of course you already know that R2-D2 and C-3PO are back, reprising their roles in the pre-show, and taking on bigger roles (especially C-3PO) in our Starspeeder adventures. And some time ago, we introduced you to two new droids in our show…Star Tours Pilot Ace (AC-38) and Spokesbot Aly San San.
So who else is joining the cast?

Well, it wouldn’t be a Star Wars adventure without Darth Vader. The Dark Lord of the Sith will be accompanied by legions of stormtroopers and some new “skytroopers,” designed especially for our show. Boba Fett, everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, also will be after us, as well as an assortment of nasty droids and creatures.

Balancing out the villains are some classic good guys – and even a princess! Master Yoda, Admiral Ackbar (pictured above in a still image from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi) and Princess Leia will appear in the show to help guide our adventures. We may even run into Chewbacca along the way!