The DisGeek Podcast – New Format

Hey everybody! Now that the site is working again I wanted to take a few minutes and write about what’s going on with the DisGeek Podcast. If you pay attention to our facebook page then you know that my brother and co-host Paul has decided to leave the show as a full-time host. The reason being is that he felt the show was too much of a distraction and was getting in the way of his desire to be a writer. Paul actually did write a message about this on facebook but when he closed his facebook account (he felt that was a distraction as well) the message he wrote got deleted as well. Of course while all this was going on the website got hacked. So I had to deal with that.

I know what some of you may be thinking. Well, this sucks. Trust me, I know. But it is what it is and I’m not going to stop doing what I ABSOLUTLY LOVE doing.

So what does this mean for the show?

Well, I have to change things up. I truly feel that there is no way I can replace him with somebody else and recreate what we had. It’s not possible. Therefore while the show WILL go on, it will be a little different. I’m bringing in Tommy Allison (tommyPix), Chris Allison, and Jae Brattain in as full time co-hosts. I’m also hoping to have guest panelists from different Disney related Blogs and Podcasts and I’m going to change it to a round-table, panel style format. It’s something I’ve wanted from day one but didn’t have enough folks to join in. Now I do and I’m very excited about the new direction. My goals for the show has always been to keep it entertaining and to keep it real. And I’m planning to continue doing just that.

I’m also planning on keeping the fun we have on facebook and this site going. Audio and photo challenges will live on. I just have to get my butt to the parks and take pictures and record some audio.

I totally understand Paul’s decision. We all have to follow our passions in life and for him it’s writing his novel. Not Disney. So the show will go on and the new format allows him to come on from time to time and chime in.

One last thing. I’m also happy to say that our partnership with Sorcerer Radio and sponshorship with Know the Mouse will continue. And I want to thank everybody for thier support.

Like I said I’m totally excited about the new direction and so are Tommy, Chris, and Jae. We look forward to doing the show and I hope you will all be there to join us!

Also if anybody is interested in joining the discussion (COUGH…a female COUGH..) with us please drop me a line at [email protected].

Daniel Hale
HOST – The DisGeek Podcast


  1. **(SARCASM)** Well I for one say “Good Ridens” ( is that how that’s spelt?) I for one won’t miss him, or his foul Damn mouth. Seemed to me that every other word out of his mouth was “BleeeeeP”. I suppose his novel will be rated “R” or at least “PG13”. Well I’m sure that now that Paul’s leaving your success will sky rocket, between you and me I think he was holding you back anyway. If your taking applications for “Show Host that can cuss” Concider this as my Bleeping application.**(END SARCASM)**

    Now seriously Paul will be missed, I only recently started listening to you two, and found your podcast fun and entertaining. I believe you will do fine, because you love Disney. And always remember that everyone that listens to you, loves Disney too.

    Paul good luck to you in the future, your gonna need it, ………just kidding! I’m sure it was a decision that took a while to make, now go out there and write the book, and be sure to send an autographed copy to me. No guaranty I’ll read it, but I can always sell it on EBay when your famous. …..Just Kidding!
    Good luck to you both