Before Star Tours, There was Inner Space

The Disney Parks Blog posted a cool little tribute to Adventures Though Inner Space. This is the ride that occupied the space that we now know as Star Tours. Pretty much if you are over 30 then you remember this ride. As a member of the over 30 club I remember this ride very much and have very fond memories of it. We share our memories back in Episode 12 – MAGNIFICATION.

From the DPB: On August 5, 1967, Adventure Thru Inner Space was the Star Tours of its day – a futuristic journey to a place far, far away. Walt Disney partnered with experts from the Monsanto Company to develop an attraction that would take guests to inner space by traveling through a “mighty microscope” and into the realm of a snowflake. To make this daring journey, guests had to “shrink” to the size of a molecule. The concept of guests “shrinking” became the hallmark of the attraction.

Adventure Thru Inner Space remained popular with guests for nearly two decades. The experience that once was futuristic, however, became outdated as science and space travel advanced. So, on September 2, 1985, Adventure Thru Inner Space shrank its last guest to the size of a molecule, making way for a new, inter-galactic adventure.